A Black Keys Cover

Just some lonely boys. Playing with their toys at Carson's Creekside in Middle River.  In fact, this venue was the location of The Wockenfuss' first job ever!  When it was Decoys, Jim scrubbed the dishes.  He's in the front…


Blackwall Hitch

The Readys were fortunate enough to play The Grand Opening of Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis a  few weekends ago thanks to Kevin Shook & Shook Productions.  Below you can find a video of the night with an original performance…

Hospitality Mondays!

Here's a quick post for our Monday night crowd and beyond.  Thank you guys for coming out and making it such a special night of the week.  Tag yourselves! See you next Monday.

The Readys


Our Digital Home!

Hey Guys!  The Readys have a brand new website! Check it out, and while your at it, enjoy a clip from the very talented Brendan Walsh.  Any cameo matching the likeness or absurdity of The Readys Corporation is purely coincidental…